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 Please call the office first thing in the morning, if your student will be absent or late. 503-492-6700
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District Announcements

School year extended by two days
Schools will make up snow days [More]
School Announcements
Suspicious Activity Reported, Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Dear Parent or Guardian,


This morning a parent reported to school administration that a man tried to force her daughter into his car at a bus stop at 19th and Main Street.  The girl reported that he was wearing a white baseball cap and had a dragon tattoo on his right arm. She shared that he was driving a silver/light colored 1992 Honda. If you spot the suspect or have any information about this incident, please call the Gresham Police tips line at 503-618-2719.

Gresham police tell us they will increase their patrols in the area and we have alerted our staff members to keep an eye out for the suspect.


Please take some time to review with your student precautions they can take to stay safe:


•  Stay with friends. Don’t travel alone.


•  Tell an adult immediately if they see someone or something that makes them worry or feel uncomfortable.


Student safety is our first priority. Please call if you have any questions.



David Atherton

Clear Creek Middle School Principal

Estimado Padre o tutor,


Esta mañana uno de los padres informó a la administración de la escuela que un hombre trató de forzar a su hija en su coche en una parada de autobús en la 19 y Main St. calle .  La niña informó que llevaba una gorra de béisbol blanca y tenía un tatuaje de dragón en el brazo derecho.  Ella compartió que él conducía un 1992 Honda de color plata/claro. Si ve el sospechoso o tiene alguna información sobre este incidente, por favor llame a la línea informativa de Policía de Gresham al 503-618-2719.


Policía de Gresham nos dicen que aumentarán sus patrullas en la zona y han alertado a nuestro personal vigilar hacia fuera para el sospechoso. 


Por favor tómese el tiempo para revisar con los estudiantes las precauciones que pueden tomar para mantenerse seguros:


•  Quédese con los amigos. No viajes solo.


•  Dile a un adulto inmediatamente si ven a alguien o algo que les hace sentir incómodos o les preocupa.


La seguridad del estudiante es nuestra primera prioridad. Por favor llámenos si tiene alguna pregunta.


David Atherton

Clear Creek Middle School Director

Parents with spring comes fashion changes. Please take notice of the Clear Creek Clothing Expections.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Clear Creek Middle School a safe learning environment.



From the time you enter the building until the 3:45pm bell, you must comply with Clear Creek Middle School’s dress code. 



Students must wear clothes that allow them to focus on learning and school activities. We are a school, with an academic setting. We expect you to dress in ways that promote good behavior and serious academic efforts. Immodest attire may be disruptive to the learning environment. Dress and grooming that disrupts the learning process will not be permitted. When dress and grooming become an issue, students will be counseled about proper attire, and in some cases students will be asked to change clothes. We ask that your parents support our efforts through regular conversations about proper school clothing.

Examples of inappropriate clothing attire include:


Examples of Inappropriate Styles:

• See-through shirts that show bra or bra straps

• Tops that expose midriff, stomach, back, shoulders or undergarments

• Tops with narrow or string straps. Bra straps should not show

• Tops that reveal cleavage

• Tight fitting, athletic, workout clothing, by itself (shirt/skirt covering must be finger tip length or longer.

• Sagging pants that are worn below the hips or expose undergarments or shorts

• Pajamas and/or slippers

• Clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, tobacco or violence

• Clothing containing objectionable language or symbols, or having sexual references

• Clothing containing symbols signifying membership in, or identification with, gang activity (i.e. bandannas, sagging pants, gang signs, etc)

• Any markings or tattoos that are considered gang related

• Hats or hoods

• PE uniforms (unless requested to wear by a staff member)

• Short shorts or mini skirts that are above fingertip length

• Holes in jeans, w/ bare skin showing, above fingertip length

• Metal bracelets, chains or other types of jewelry that could be deemed a safety hazard

      • Tights, leggings or yoga pants.  These must have a skirt, shirt or shorts fingertip

        length or longer covering.

• “I love Boobies” bracelets.

• Bare feet, or socks



First Offense: 

Change to appropriate dress, write out expectations, parent contact  



Second Offense:

Change to appropriate dress, 1 after school detention, parent contact



Third Offense:

Change to appropriate dress, ½ day suspension, parent conference



Fourth Offense:

Change to appropriate dress, 2-3 day suspension for insubordination


Daily Announcements -Monday, March 31, 2014

SUN has 2 new classes: Basketball on Tuesdays and Dodgeball on Thursdays. Basketball is taught by a Coach Marvin who has been coaching for 16 years! He can help you keep your skills up for next year’s season. Coach Marvin will also be leading dodgeball. There will be a staff versus students dodgeball game during Family Game Night in May – now is the time to practice! Get the forms on the SUN board – or talk to Ms. Patti, Ms. Erin or Ms. Zoe in the SUN Room.


SUN session starts next week! There are a few spaces left in a few classes. Get those forms into the SUN room this week.


Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


Have a GREAT Day!



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